The person within P J Ford & Associates Ltd responsible for issues of customer privacy is Peter Ford. He can be contacted on telephone 01895 630361 or by email at mrpen122@gmail.com

P J Ford & Associates Ltd treats all customer information as confidential and its use is confined to order processing and the recording of sales data only. No customer information will be forwarded onto a third party.


P J Ford & Associates Ltd does not email its customers with promotional offers. Our secure server resource is provided by ShopFactory. Shopfactory is an Australian software provider of online shopping website creative software. Shopfactory also provide us with secure cloud storage of customer order data.

Payment processing is conducted securely by PayPal. No credit or debit card data is provided to us by PayPal, they merely advise us that payment has been completed and by who.Telephone payments are processed by us and transferred immediately to PayPal, no payment data is retained by us beyond the moment of actually processing the payment. All hand written customer information and order data is shredded when the order is completed.

Telephone orders are confined to the customer's name and address and if applicable, their telephone number and email address. We also retain details of the customer telephone orders for declaration of revenue taxes and for callbacks by customers who wish to refer back to a previous transaction. Such data is retained on our system and is protected by a password.